Tannenberg – still waters run deep.

Noble is he who is sufficient unto himself. Perhaps a little challenging and in any case sensitive. But with plenty of desirable qualities: clarity, freshness and complexity.

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc. – Colour: scintillating golden yellow. – Aroma and flavour: the aroma is intense reminiscent of grapefruit and white peach, full-bodied only on the middle-palate, otherwise mineral-like reminiscent of wet stones with juicy acidity finishing long with flinty notes. – Site and soil: the “Lieben Aich” site at Terlan, a south-west facing slope at an altitude of 300 m above sea level where the micro climate is mild and breezy and soils are porous with a high mineral content consisting of sand and clay mixed with eroded porphyry. – Winemaking: the grapes were de-stemmed, after which the juice and solid parts (minus stalks) were left to macerate in the press for twelve hours in order to leech from the skins a maximum of aroma substances and extract. Fermentation was spontaneous and took place in oak using yeasts occurring naturally in the vineyard. The young wine was matured in oak barrels on the fine lees for ten months to allow its aromas and flavour to develop. – Serving suggestions: lightly chilled, 51–55 °F. – Food recommendations: Delicious with shellfish and crustaceans, grilled sea fish and white meats.