La Rose de Manincor

La Rose de Manincor – absolute elegance

…for certain opportunities: its opulence and succulence - its colour alone fires the imagination - make it a delicious spring and summer wine.

Grape varieties: Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Nero, Petit Verdot, Tempranillo, Syrah. – Colour: bright pale salmon red. – Aroma and flavour: reminiscent of raspberry and cherry on the nose, succulent and creamy on the palate with excellent length characterised by elegant tannins and a mineral-fruity aftertaste. – Site and soil: our best red wine sites in the Manincor estate and the “Seehof” site at Kaltern, south-east facing slopes at an altitude of 250 m above sea level. Soils here are rich consisting of sand and clay mixed with limestone gravel and morainal debris. – Winemaking: La Rose de Manincor is the result of the top red wine batches being made by the saignée method, i.e. bleeding off a proportion of wine after only short contact with the skins – in this case 24 hours; it increases the ratio of skins to juice in the vat in order to obtain a red wine with more colour and tannin. Consequently the composition and character of the rosé wine may vary slightly from year to year. The lightly coloured juice so obtained is fermented in oak barrels partially using yeasts occurring naturally on the grapes. The young wine is subsequently matured on the fine lees to allow the aromas and flavour to develop. – Serving suggestions: very lightly chilled, at 50 – 54 °F. – Food recommendations: well-seasoned first courses, fried and smoked fish, dishes with white and grilled meat.