Cassiano – the art of composition.

ix great red wine varieties from our finest sites harmonise subtly in this wine: character and individuality paired with joie de vivre and elegance.

Grape varieties: Merlot 42 %, Cabernet Franc 35 %, Syrah 8 %, Petit Verdot 6 %, Cabernet Sauvignon 5 %, Tempranillo 4 %. – Colour: bright, intense cherry red. – Aroma and flavour: ripe cherry, liquorice and wild herbs; an extremely harmonious mouth-feel with a hint of aromatic fresh herbs and sweet tannins on the finish. – Site and soil: our finest sites in the Manincor estate, at the “Seehof” and “Panholzerhof”: south-east facing overlooking the Lake of Kaltern at an altitude of 250 – 280 m above sea level. Rich soils consisting of sand and clay mixed with limestone gravel and morainal debris. – Winemaking: each batch was crushed separately and the spontaneous fermentation with the skins took place in open-top oak vats. In 2007 fermentation with the skins was extended to three weeks to extract the optimum of ripe tannins. The young wine was matured for eighteen months in barriques, one-third of which were new. – Serving suggestions: enjoy cool, 60 – 64 °F; it will benefit from decanting in its youth; serve in Bordeaux glasses. – Food recommendations: venison, game, roast red meats and piquant mature cheeses.