The feminine wine

"la Contessa"


Its secrets are subtlety and elegance, one could almost say aristocratic. A pale white wine with delicate aromas, just the thing for festive occasions.

Grape varieties

Pinot Blanc 55 %, Chardonnay 28 %, Sauvignon Blanc 17 % (Terlaner DOC)

Site and soil

Two-thirds of the grapes come from the “Lieben Aich” site at Terlan and one third from the “Campan” vineyard at Kaltern. Our Lieben Aich vineyard at Terlan is on a warm, west-facing slope at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level where the soil is well-drained consisting of sand with a bedrock of eroded porphyry. Kaltern Campan is a cool, east-facing mountainside site at an altitude of 500 m above sea level where the soils are rich with clay and morainal deposits.


2023 was a challenging year with climatic conditions that were anything but easy. Through hard work and meticulous attention to detail, we ultimately achieved great results. Our vines coped well with both the wet spring and the hot and dry summer, and the golden autumn helped us achieve perfect ripeness. Physiological ripeness, sugar ripeness and acidity are in perfect balance. Ripe fruit, cool character and moderate alcohol characterise the vintage.
From mid of September to mid of October, we were able to harvest our grapes for the ”la Contessa”. The yield was 55 hl per hectare.


Grapes were de-stemmed and left to macerate in the press for six hours to leach out aroma substances and body from the skins. Fermentation was done in oak barrels with yeasts naturally occurring in the vineyard. The young wine was subsequently matured on the fine lees for nine months to enable the aromas and flavour to evolve.


66,400 standard bottles and 432 magnums were filled.

Analytical data

Residual sugar: 0.6 g/l
Alcohol: 12.5 % Vol.
Acidity: malolactic fermentation: 6.3 g/l

Description and food recommendations

Full yellow with green reflexes. The nose is characterised by an aroma of apple, apricot and a hint of sage; tightly-knit, elegant and mellow on the palate with refreshing acidity on the finish.
Enjoy at optimum maturity from summer 2024 to the end of 2030.
Serve: lightly chilled but not cold, 46 - 50 °F
Enjoy with a roasted fillet of salmon with a herb breadcrumb topping, starters and white meats.

Our claim


Waste management

GL71 Green Glas

PAP22 Paper

PAP21 Other paperboard

FOR51 Corks

Check the regulations of your municipality.
Separate the components and deliver them correctly.

Distributor: Manincor, San Giuseppe al Lago 4, 39052 Caldaro/Italy


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