Sophie – a portrait of the lady of the house.

Elegant and concentrated, charming and vigorous, challenging, fascinating and highly individual... An unmistakable blend of prestigious white grape varieties with cellaring potential. It is worth getting to know Sophie.

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 96 %, Viognier 4 %. – Colour: bright yellow. – Aroma and flavour: the initial impact is of fruit, reminiscent of apricots, oranges acacia blossom and lime flower while in depth it is mineral-like, redolent of wet stone; full-bodied and strong on the palate though nevertheless slender with a lasting mineral-like quality on the finish. – Site and soil: the grapes are grown in equal quantities in the “Lieben Aich” site at Terlan, and in the “Mazzon” site near Kaltern. Our Lieben Aich vineyard at Terlan is on a warm, west-facing slope at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level where Chardonnay and Sauvignon thrive in well-drained soils consisting of sand and clay mixed with eroded porphyry. Chardonnay and Viognier in the Mazzon site grow in our steepest vineyard in the parcel called “Leiten” with a gradient of up to 100%. It is south-west facing at an altitude between 350 to 400 metres above sea level with a unique microclimate and soils comprising clay and loess with a high content of calcium carbonate. – Winemaking: grapes were de-stemmed and left to macerate in the press for six hours to leach out aroma substances and body from the skins. Pressing was extremely slow and attentive, for our aim is to obtain a wine of maximum elegance. Fermentation took place in oak barrels of varying sizes using yeasts naturally occurring in the vineyards followed by a maturation period on the fine lees lasting nine months to enable the aroma and flavour to develop. – Serving suggestions: very lightly chilled, 51 – 55 °F; this wine will benefit considerably from decanting; serve in Burgundy glasses. – Food recommendations: shellfish and crustaceans, poultry and substantial fish dishes; goes especially well with aromatic cheeses.