A wine to savour slowly

Castel Campan


Our finest Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend worthy of time and attention. Consummate harmony, peaking only after 10 years’ bottle ageing. Concentrated to the quick.

Grape varieties

Cabernet Franc 72 %, Merlot 28 %

Site and soil

The “Tatzenschrot” site in the Manincor estate, a south-east facing slope at an altitude of 250 m above sea level, is planted with our oldest Merlot vines and is one of the warmest sites in the whole of South Tyrol, predestined for the production of top red wines. The Cabernet Franc comes from the Seehof vineyard where the soils consisting of clay, lime and gravel yield wines with power and finesse.


2021 was a relatively late year. The harvest began on September 13 with Sauvignon Blanc in Lieben Aich and ended on October 20 with Cabernet Sauvignon in Manincor. The ripening period in particular was char-acterised by almost perfect weather, with sunny days and clear nights where it cooled down properly. So, the year 2021 is all about balance. Physiological ripeness, sugar ripeness and acidity are in an optimal balance. Ripe fruit, cool character and moderate alcohol char-acterise the vintage.
From beginning to mid-October, we harvested Caber-net Franc and Merlot according to maturity. The physi-ological maturity was almost perfect, sugar maturity and acidity in an ideal range. A very balanced vintage. The yield per hectare was 36 hl.


Spontaneous fermentation with the skins took place in upright open-top oak vats. The grapes were so healthy that we were able to prolong the skin contact including post fermentation maceration to four weeks in order to extract as many assertive but supple tannins as possible. The wine matured in barriques for twenty months, half of which were new.


3,600 bottles were filled

Analytical data

Residual sugar: 1.4 g/l
Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Acidity: malolactic fermentation: 5.0 g/l

Description and food recommendations

Bright dark purple-red. Red and black berry fruits, oriental spices, leather and tobacco characterise the many-faceted aroma. The assertive tannins give the wine a dense structure and are velvety in the young wine. The potential for development is already apparent and the persistent fruit in the finish most promising.
Enjoy at optimum maturity from 2024 to 2034.
Serve: below room temperature, 60 - 64 °F; in its youth the wine will benefit from decanting; savour from large Bordeaux glasses.
It is best enjoyed as the climax of a festive meal and as a “meditation wine”.

Our claim


Waste management

GL71 Green Glas

PAP21 Other paperboard

FOR51 Corks

Check the regulations of your municipality.
Separate the components and deliver them correctly.

Distributor: Manincor, San Giuseppe al Lago 4, 39052 Caldaro/Italy