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Its silky texture caresses the palate, the aromas of cherry, blackberry and roses linger. The coveted Pinot Noir creates a timely sensuous mood.

Grape variety

Pinot Noir

Site and soil

Mazzon, which we refer to as “Mason” to differentiate it from the larger site of the same name on the opposite side of the Adige Valley above Neumarkt. Four hectares in this south-facing mountainside terrace are planted with Pinot Noir. It is a superb site at between 400 and 450 metres altitude, sun-drenched with a constant breeze. The latter is important for Pinot Noir given that the compact clusters tend to trap moisture between the berries and make them susceptible to rot. The soil is a mixture of sand and clay mixed with a diversity of rock, from finely eroded dolomite, porphyry, gneiss and granite to hand-sized stones.


2021 was a relatively late year. The harvest began on September 13 with Sauvignon Blanc in Lieben Aich and ended on October 20 with Cabernet Sauvignon in Manincor. The ripening period in particular was char-acterised by almost perfect weather, with sunny days and clear nights where it cooled down properly. So, the year 2021 is all about balance. Physiological ripeness, sugar ripeness and acidity are in an optimal balance. Ripe fruit, cool character and moderate alcohol characterise the vintage.
At the end of September, we were able to harvest our Pinot Noir at perfect maturity. The yield per hectare was 41 hl.


Each batch of grapes was harvested and crushed separately. Fermentation was spontaneous and took place in open-top oak vats using yeasts occurring naturally on the grapes. Skin contact lasted two weeks and the skins were pushed down into the embryonic wine once a day as they rose to the surface. The young wine was transferred to barriques, only 20 % of which were new, and was left to mature on the fine lees for 16 months. The wine was then blended and only the most impressive barrel contents from the highest-lying parcels planted with the oldest vines were selected to go into the Mason di Mason.


17,200 bottles were filled.

Analytical data

Residual sugar: 0.7 g/l
Alcohol: 13 % vol.
Acidity: malolactic fermentation: 6.3 g/l

Description and food recommendations

The nose evokes ripe red and black fruits: sweet berry and cherry fruits are enveloped in the bright ruby red robe of this wine, following on to a palate full of ripe red cherries and spice, a merest hint of smoke and gentle but pleasant tannins that all mingle to produce a great and satisfying wine.
Enjoy at optimum maturity from 2023 to the end of 2030.
Serve: just below room temperature, at 60 - 64 °F; it will benefit from decanting in its youth and savoured from Burgundy glasses.
Makes an excellent partner for slices of milk-fed lamb, roast salmon with a salt and soy sauce crust, roast duck and morello cherry sauce and mature soft cheese.

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Waste management

GL71 Green Glas

PAP22 Paper

PAP21 Other paperboard

FOR51 Corks

Check the regulations of your municipality.
Separate the components and deliver them correctly.

Distributor: Manincor, San Giuseppe al Lago 4, 39052 Caldaro/Italy


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