Mason – the delicate partner.

Its silky texture caresses the palate, the aromas of cherry, blackberry and roses linger. The coveted Pinot Noir creates a timely sensuous mood.

Grape variety: Pinot Noir. – Colour: bright, deep ruby. – Aroma and flavour: raspberry and cranberry fruit with a hint of rose leaf and liquorice; ripe fruit flavours and fresh herbs on the palate, delicate and slender, velvety and at the same time taut from the tip of the tongue through to the finish. – Site and soil: Mazzon, which we refer to as “Mason” to differentiate it from the larger site of the same name on the opposite side of the Adige Valley above Neumarkt. Four hectares in this south-facing mountainside terrace are planted with Pinot Noir. It is a superb site at between 400 and 450 metres altitude, sun-drenched with a constant breeze. The latter is important for Pinot Noir given that the compact clusters tend to trap moisture between the berries and make them susceptible to rot. The soil is a mixture of sand and clay mixed with a diversity of rock, from finely eroded dolomite, porphyry, gneiss and granite to hand-sized stones. – Winemaking: each batch of grapes was harvested and crushed separately. Fermentation was spontaneous and took place in open-top oak vats using yeasts occurring naturally on the grapes. Skin contact lasted two weeks and the skins were pushed down into the embryonic wine once a day as they rose to the surface. The young wine was transferred to barriques, only 10% of which were new, and was left to mature on the fine lees for 12 months. The wine was then blended and only the most impressive barrel contents from the highest-lying parcels planted with the oldest vines were selected to go into the Mason di Mason. – Serving suggestions: enjoy cool, 60 – 64 °F; in its youth this wine will benefit from decanting; serve in Burgundy glasses. – Food recommendations: fried, roast and grilled red meats, venison, game and mature soft cheeses.