Mindful of our tradition

Rooted in nature, we work to produce individual,
high quality wines for joy in the glass.


A good glass of wine is a sensuous expression of agriculture. Each of our wines speaks its own language. It tells of the soil, of the sky, of the rain and of the hands that nurture it. At the same time, our wines are siblings that share the common traits of elegance and finesse.

Our family has a long tradition of wine-growing and farming. We are committed to treating this tradition and great gift of nature with care and respect. Biodynamics and uncompromising quality work in the vineyards and cellar are our guiding principles. We work with great respect for people, animals and plants on a holistic, sustainable and future-oriented basis. This also involves the use of modern technologies. But our overriding goal is to restore and preserve the natural cycles.

Nature. My deepest desire to produce healthy and delicious food products, sustainably and with full respect for nature, is being realised with Manincor. Orchards, vineyards, woodland and meadows form a single entity and have been certified as meeting the standards required for EU organic food and bio-dynamic certification.

Tradition. My family have been devoting themselves to agriculture and winegrowing for generations. In the Manincor estate my wife and I have been giving this tradition a new face while remaining true to the old values. Our credo is to preserve what is valuable from the past while remaining open towards the new.

Passion. Wine for me is the most sensuous expression of the agricultural culture. Our mission to achieve the highest natural quality also involves a quest to find for the best possible means down to the tiniest detail. Manincor’s wines should be characterised by elegance and finesse, underpinned by impressive structure and backbone.