Why we do what we do.

Weingut_Südtirol_Manincor_Überetsch_Kaltern am See_Barriqufässer

We see it as our task to create ideal conditions for the grapes in the cellar and an atmosphere in which the natural processes can unfold and progress without disturbance. The gentlest possible methods are employed from grape handling and fermentation to maturation. This concept is reflected in the design of the cellar, a large concrete structure that facilitates the use of natural factors and processes. Following manual harvesting and rigorous selection, the grapes are delivered to the top cellar floor. From there the grapes, must, juice and wine are transported by gravity down through the three levels without any pumping. This avoids damage to the grape skins and seeds.

Because as winegrowers we are in contact with nature on a daily basis.

Our wines undergo spontaneous fermentation with the natural yeasts from the vineyards. At the heart of our red wine fermentation cellar are the open fermentation vats in which extraction from the skins is performed with gentle care. The white wines are fermented and stored in oval oak casks ranging in size from 12 to 30 hl. In the cellar, too, we work in accordance with the principles of biodynamics and with respect for the powers of nature. Racking and bottling are performed on the basis of the cycles of the moon. This gives the wines greater calm, resulting in harmonious development and improved aging potential.