Why we do what we do.

Of course because we enjoy doing it. Because as winegrowers we are in contact with nature on a daily basis. But also because are passionate winemakers. Find out why we do that here.

Pressing, fermentation and maturation. The task in the winery should be restricted as far as possible to allowing grapes to do what they would do completely naturally anyway.

Wine fermentation, maturation and preparation take place here with minimum intervention on the side of the winemaker. With this in mind the new winery and cellars enable us to overcome an apparent contradiction, for thanks to the solid concrete structure the negative effects on nature are much reduced while its role is increased. On delivery to the facility the grapes are rigorously selected and brought into the top floor of the winery. From that point on the grapes, crushed grapes, juice and wine are all furthered by natural gravity without the use of pumps. In this way mechanical damage to the grape skins and seeds is avoided.

The majority of our wines – two-thirds of white wines and one hundred percent of red wines – undergo spontaneous fermentation, started by yeasts occurring naturally in the vineyards. Selected yeast strains are only used in exceptional circumstances. Open fermentation vats are at the heart of our red wine fermentation cellar. They allow us to extract colour, flavour etc located in the skins by the most delicate means. White wines are fermented and stored in oval oak casks ranging in size from 12 to 30 hl. Although there is no such thing as biodynamic winemaking, respect for the powers of nature help in the winery. The processes of racking and bottling are governed less by practical considerations than by the rhythmic cycles of the moon and planets. In this way the wine is subjected to less stress, resulting in harmonious development and improved cellaring potential.

We follow a strict single vineyard philosophy and vinify the grapes of each individual vineyard separately. The very best – our ‘Herz’ (Heart) wines - come from parcels of vineyard and are bottled separately. The South Tyrolean ‘Classics’ are bottled as single grape wines: Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Goldmuskateller, Vernatsch, Lagrein and Pinot Noir. Our blends are special compositions intended to express the unique characteristics of the Manincor sites: Castel Campan, Cassiano and Réserve del Conte. Differences between vintages play a determining role and are an important part of the wine’s personality.

Wood from the estate’s own oak woods beneath the ruins of Leuchtenburg castle is a further interesting feature at Manincor. Planks from the wood are seasoned behind the building and are used each year to make a large part of our casks. The split staves stacked up in a special manner are exposed to wind and weather for three years. In this way there is no need for heavy toasting and the casks obtained in this way allow the wine stored in them to mature without altering their character. Our casks respect the territorial character of our wines and even noticeably accentuate it.