True greatness

Le Petit


Bright yellow shot with green – the beholder is overcome by the presentiment: "That really is a true gem”. Sweet, extremely elegant with unimagined freshness, it fulfils the promise.

Grape variety

Petit Manseng

Site and soil

Mazzon close to Kaltern, an extensive south-facing mountainside terrace at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, sunny and breezy and ideal for allowing grapes to hang long after the normal harvest period. The soil is a mixture of sand and clay mixed with a diversity of rock, from finely eroded dolomite, porphyry, gneiss and granite to hand-sized stones.


2018 was a far from easy year. Some of our best sites were affected by hail. We invested a great deal of time in selection during the harvest in order to obtain per-fect grapes. Fortunately the weather in autumn was very good, so that we were able to bring in the harvest in our own good time. Manual harvesting took three times longer than usual. In the end it can be said that the 2018 wines are of very high quality.
For our sweet wine, the conditions were ideal in that wonderful noble rot set in, and in the middle of Febru-ary we harvested Petit Manseng grapes with a perfect sugar concentration.


Given that some of the berries contained very little liquid it took eight hours to extract the juice. Fermentation took place in oak barrels with yeasts occurring naturally on the grapes and proceeded very slowly. After several months the fermentation stopped of its own accord once the alcohol level had reached 8,5 % by volume. The ‘natural’ result is an optimum balance between alcohol, acidity and residual sugar.


4,600 half bottles

Analytical data

Residual sugar: 303 g/l
Alcohol: 8.5 % vol.
Acidity: 11.7 g/l

Description and food recommendations

Scintillating golden straw yellow with accentuated fruit on the nose reminiscent of mango, lychee and dried apricots, complex and deep with elegant hints of honey and botrytis and an excellent interplay between sweetness and acidity on the palate.
Enjoy at optimum maturity from 2022 to the end of 2030. Serve: chilled, at 46 - 50 °F
Delicious savoured with delicate desserts or with cheese at the end of a meal.

Distributor: Manincor, San Giuseppe al Lago 4, 39052 Caldaro/Italy


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