The art of reduction: Manincor’s 25th birthday and our new wine bottles

Basically, it is all about the wine rather than the bottle, and about tastes imprinted on memory. In other words, it is about quality time through enjoyment. On their way from the vineyard to the glass, the grapes are transformed through our careful hands. If we do everything right, they unfold their full potential.
The bottle is a stopover for the wine. There it remains – for longer rather than briefly, and sometimes for a small eternity – as it matures in readiness for the great moment.
Biodynamic as we are in Manincor, we have a keen eye. We know that even the smallest creatures in the vineyard have an influence on the grapes – and thus on the quality of the wine.
Now we have taken a look at our wine bottles: We have evaluated their size, weight and closure, and made improvements as far as possible.
The tin capsule over the cork, for example, had long been a thorn in our side. Now the change has been made: We have eliminated the tin capsule and replaced it with a paper banderole over the cork. The quality of the wine is not affected in any way. We simply are no longer using valuable tin and thus helping to conserve natural resources.
The next consideration for optimizing our wine bottles was the weight. Their function is clear: to protect the wine and deliver it safely to the table.
Our focus was to reduce the weight of the glass. The new Manincor bottles weigh 500 grams. That is 50 grams less than before. At 350,000 bottles a year, this amounts to 17,500 kilograms of glass that does not need to be produced and recycled, and 1,680 kilograms of tin that does not have to be thrown away.
The new bottles only have advantages: in terms of handling for the people and machines in the warehouse. In addition, savings in transportation weight translate into lower emissions. This means reduced impacts on the environment.
This brings us full circle. Every day we take a close look at our vineyards and what is happening there. After all, we want the Manincor wines to leave traces in your memory and not in the natural world we are privileged to use and are so grateful for.

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