Panholzer und Keil

Panholzer und Keil

A southeast-facing slope overlooking the lake.

Weingut_Südtirol_Manincor_Überetsch_Kaltern am See_Lage Panholzer_Der Keil

The warmest site to be found anywhere in South Tyrol. Keil. Our oldest vineyard.

Panholzer. In our lakeside site the vigorous loamy soil on top of gravel rich in calcium carbonate provides the basis for our estate red wine. Lagrein, Merlot and Cabernet yield wines with concentration, intense aromas and mellowness, qualities which characterise our Réserve del Conte.

Keil. A historical vineyard which has been regarded as a top site since the 17th century. Here our 30 to 100 year-old Vernatsch vines are trained onto lofty pergolas, typical of our region and only one tenth of the vines are renewed every ten years. In this vineyard the sensitive Vernatsch vine yields singularly characterful wines, unusually concentrated and elegant for the variety.