Mazzon und Leiten

Mazzon und Leiten

Best conditions for Pinot Noir

Weingut_Südtirol_Manincor_Überetsch_Kaltern am See_Lage_Kalterer Mazzon

Four hectares in this superb site are planted with Pinot Noir to produce our single grape wine Mason, and the selection from old vines Mason di Mason.

Mazzon. Our Pinot Noir vines are cultivated on a lightly sloping terrace facing from north to south. The grapes here ripen perfectly. On the one hand the site is sundrenched from sunrise to sunset, while on the other, the grapes are kept dry and healthy by a north wind in the morning, and a wind from the south in the afternoon. Furthermore, the morainal soils deposited in the last Ice Age ensure the vegetation period proceeds harmoniously. Yields are naturally low in this vineyard due to small clusters and berries and it is never necessary to thin out the grapes. A true Grand Cru vineyard which yields superlative wines of strong individual personality.

Leiten. This extreme site is characterised by a 45° gradient sloping towards the south and southwest. Here Yellow Muscat grapes become truly golden in colour with intense aromas without any hint of vegetal scents. These factors make it possible to produce an extremely delicious dry wine from this interesting variety.