The heart of our estate

Weingut_Südtirol_Manincor_Überetsch_Kaltern am See_Lage_Manincor

The historical manor dating back to 1608 with its new underground cellar nestles amid our finest red wine sites.

The hills around the Manincor manor consist of morainal debris deposited by glaciers during the last Ice Age. The gently-sloping, south-facing vineyards provide the optimum prerequisites for yielding superlative red wines. The mineral basis comprises dolomitic limestone and gravel with eroded granite, porphyry, quartzite and basalt in places, all of volcanic origin. Sand and clay provide the necessary vigour to yield mellow wines of strong character.

Our 12 hectares of vineyard are contained within historical walls, rather like a ‘Clos’ in Burgundy. Taking account of exposure to sunlight and soil composition, each plot is planted with the grape variety which will thrive best and are destined for inclusion in the blends of our top of the range red wines. Castel Campan andCassiano are produced from grapes grown on these hillsides at elevations ranging from 755 ft/230 m and 985 ft/300 m.