General terms and conditions

The applicant must be of legal age. The Bonus Card is issued free of charge and without restriction. It is valid exclusively for wine sales on the Manincor premises.

The points:

Customers with Basic Membership receive 1 point, with Hand Status 2 points, with Heart Status 3 points and with Crown Status 4 points for every euro spent in the Manincor shop or online at The points can be converted into a discount on a subsequent purchase (in the Manincor shop or online) at the rate of 1.00 euro discount for every 50 points.
The Issuer reserves the right to change the points calculation key at any time.

Accumulated points remain valid for 3 (three) years (“period of validity”). Where points are redeemed when making a payment, no points will be credited for the amount of the discount applied. Points cannot be redeemed in cash.

Points obtained are credited to the customer’s account on the day following the purchase.
In the case of online purchases, the points will be credited to the account on the day following receipt of payment.

Points are debited from the customer’s account or cancelled in the following cases:

  • herzThe order is returned.
  • herzThe points are redeemed in the form of a discount.
  • herzThe points are not converted into a discount within the period of validity and therefore expire.

Club membership status is calculated as follows:

  • herz500 status points for Hand status,
  • herz1.500 status points for Heart status,
  • herz4.500 status points for Crown status.

Membership status is calculated on the first working day of each new calendar year for the previous year and is displayed to customers by the end of January. All purchases made between January 1 and January 31 of the new calendar year are entered with points calculated in accordance with the customer’s new status once the status calculations have been completed. The current status is displayed in the customer’s account at

Basic membership has unlimited validity.

Hand, Heart and Crown status remain valid for 2 years and are automatically renewed if the customer again reaches the required number of points for the respective status in the second calendar year. Promotion to the next higher status is possible within these 2 years.

* * *
Information on the processing of personal data (Art. 13 EU Regulation 679/2016, hereinafter called “GDPR”)
Customers must register on our website. The following are required items: given name, surname, date and place of birth, place of residence, gender, e-mail address, password. The data is stored in our CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) on the basis of the GDPR (and your free and express consent in accordance with Art. 6.1(a) GDPR) and used exclusively for the following communications: Newsletter, various print media incl. letters, status notification 1x per year.
In the event of a purchase made in the online shop, the personal data collected by us will be forwarded to Intersellers in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. This is necessary in order for the customer to be able to register online and view their customer account.
Customers’ personal data is stored exclusively for the strictly necessary for processing purposes and are deleted or anonymized once processing has been completed.