Highest-lying vineyard in Caldaro

Weingut_Südtirol_Manincor_Überetsch_Kaltern am See_Lage_Castel Campan

The aristocratic renaissance castle Campan in Kaltern has been owned by the Counts Enzenberg since 1850 and is now the ancestral seat of the family.

Our highest-lying vineyards are located within the castle walls at an elevation of around 1,640 ft/500 m. Here the considerable contrasts between day and night time temperatures extend the ripening process in late summer and autumn, resulting in wines with unusually accentuated fruit.

At Campan we cultivate Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to enrich our fine single vineyard wines Eichhorn, Lieben Aich and Mason with fruit and breed.