Tobias Moretti

There must have been some amusing, interesting, embarrassing, beautiful or unforgettable moments

in your life in which wine played a role. In the fourth episode of our “My Life with Wine” series, the actor Tobias Moretti lends free rein to his associations with wine and, with his highly unusual story, follows a thread that leads us back over the millennia.

When Catullus, traveling north from his birthplace Verona, once took his rest in Forum Novum (today’s Neumarkt) and, following the aromas of the ripe grapes, espied the shores of Lacus Frigidior (Lake Kaltern), he said to himself: Gaudete vosque, limpidae lacus undae! (Rejoice, ye wanton waves of the lake!) As he climbed up from the lake and set his eyes on this fine house and noticed a well proportioned antique blond maid smiling at him mischievously, against all his normal leanings he again broke out into song: Ridete, quidquid est domi cachinnorum! (Laugh, whatever there is of laughter in your home!)

Quite beside himself and wishing to calm his senses, he entered the nearby Mason for a tasting session. What he saw, drank and enjoyed made such a deep impression on Catullus that, before he fell asleep in the arms of the maid, he murmured to himself: Velim mihi capere cum MAN(u) IN COR(e) ut teneam illas delicias. (I would grasp my heart with my hand to hold fast these delights.) In the same night the maid whispered these words in the ear of her master, who recognised a bright idea for his company’s corporate identity and named his estate and family accordingly. Other rumours are pure invention.

At all events we must congratulate the Goëss-Enzenberg family with all our hearts for not only maintaining such quality but continually improving on it. And so it is, when you imbibe these wonderful Masons, Sophies and Cassiani, that you are beleaguered by twin delights, namely of the palate and the play of main and minor clauses. And so it is with me – as it was last autumn when, before my first night in Munich, I carried my wife off from the “Vast Domain” to the wine domain in order to steamroller her in literary style with these wines so that our hearts, minds, tongues and palates overflowed, and we continue to draw on the experience to this day waiting to be inundated by the next wave of these divine drops.

Artistic toil and work on the soil. Farmers are especially close to the land. One who is often away from home doing concentrated mental work like Tobias Moretti has an especially urgent need for contact with nature. He studied music in Vienna and theatre in Munich before acquiring a diploma in agriculture, and today he manages to combine all three roles. He is a success-ful actor on stage and screen, an opera director and, in addition to his other commitments, runs a 400-year-old mountain farm in the Tyrol where he spends as much time as possible with his wife Julia, an oboist and director of the chamber orchestra moderntimes_1800, and their three children.

Short biography: Successful roles as Thomas Bernhard’s Ferruccio, Achternbusch’s Frosch, Doktor Faust and König Ottokar – to mention just a few of his stage roles – plus countless films for TV and cinema, and lots of prizes and awards. His creative diversity is reflected in his achievements as an opera director ( Don Giovanni in Bregenz, La finta giardiniera in Zurich, Il mondo della luna in Vienna). Since October 2011 he has been playing the main role in Schnitzler’s Das weite Land (“The Vast Domain”, Martin Kusej) at the Munich Residenztheater.