The course of 2007

The course of 2007.

An extraordinary year in the Manincor vineyards.

Like elsewhere, the entire winter was the mildest on record here in South Tyrol: no frozen soils, no snow, a little rainfall. With the exception of a short cold snap in March spring was also very warm, fruit trees blossomed and vines began to vegetate under ideal conditions. The growing season was around three-weeks in advance of an average year. Foliage grew so vigorously that canopy management required far more work than usual. Flowering started around 10th May – the earliest in living memory. By then it had become clear to us that this year’s harvest would begin early. // Hail in June caused considerable isolated damage which was partially reversed by the long period of drought which ensued and by us laboriously removing damaged grapes by hand. Rainfall in August was far higher than normal (20 % of the average annual precipitation) – a precarious moment which was successfully overcome. Picking began in the Manincor vineyards on 16th August 2007 and continued until 20th September, largely under excellent conditions in spite of a few harmless showers, resulting in an excellent harvest of perfectly ripe and healthy grapes. // All things considered 2007 has been an extraordinary year which the wine world will remember for many years to come. In spite of plenty of risks and threats, the growing season culminated with magnificent grapes promising to yield equally impressive, distinguished wines.