Overview wines

Nature. Tradition. Passion.

A constant strive to achieve best possible results is our route to producing superlative quality wines in a highly natural manner. Manincor wines should be characterised by elegance and finesse with a firm structure and backbone.

We are lucky in having very expressive names for the three quality levels which comprise our range of wines. It is easy to recognise that ‘Hand’ and ‘Heart’ come from our brand Man-in-cor, and the ‘Crown’ is that of the Counts Enzenberg. Our wines in their ascending order of quality – from hand work via love through to the crowning climax.

Hand. Under the sign of the hand which cultivates the soils, cares for and harvests the grapes. These wines are classic in style, sound and delectably inviting.

Heart. As the fruit of our large sites these wines comprise the heart of the Manincor range. In their vigour and elegance they reflect the courage, determination and spirit which go into our work. In these wines, each year that which Manincor stands for is at its most discernable.

Crown. These rarities are only produced in years when optimal conditions prevail. They are grown in our finest sites and are the result of rigorous grape selections from old vines. Krone wines stand for uncompromising quality.

An overview of our range:

Heart – Cultivated with loving care

Crown – Uncompromising and unmistakable