An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

(Though the same can be said of a glass of wine.) And it’s amazing how healthy we are! In addition to red and blue grapes, a wide diversity of other fruit thrives in South Tyrol.

Fruit-growing – above all apple orchards - has long contended fiercely against grapes for ground and sites. We are for a balance and dedicate space for both. In our shop we offer organic apples and juice which we press from them, dried fruits and homemade jams from the most varied berries alongside the main protagonists, our wines.

We market the greater part of our apples through Biosüdtirol and under the brands Demeter and Bio EU. We cultivate numerous varieties, from the early-ripening and sweet Gala through the classic Golden Delicious to crunchy and tangy varieties like Fuji and Pink Lady.

The way bee colonies feel at home at Manincor all year round demonstrate best how mixed cultures are the most natural. The honey is available from our shop – sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how busy the bees have been. The diversity of plants which grow here once again makes our vineyards and orchards a paradise for bees.