Lord of the Grapes

Lord of the grapes.

With Helmut Zozin, Manincor has had new estate manager since April.

Since the arrival of Helmuth Zonin in April Manincor has had an estate manager with a solid foundation in winegrowing and winemaking. // Helmuth Zozin looks back on a classic career in the South Tyrolean wine business: a winemaker as father, summer jobs in winegrowing, work experience abroad, then soon the first offer. “If you’re smart you learn from experience.” Since then he has been involved in the annual winegrowing cycle numerous times, he knows the land, the soils, the weather. His expertise includes winegrowing and wine sales. // After twelve years of ground work Count Michael Goess-Enzenberg has placed the responsibility for further development in experienced hands with the appointment of Helmuth Zozin as estate manager. With an analytical intellect and a fresh outlook, Helmuth Zozin observes: “What impresses me is the fact that Manincor cultivates 50 hectares at the highest level of quality and based on biological principles. The result is authentic wines of strong personality aimed at enthusiasts who look for wines with clearly defined characteristics, wines which reflect their origins. The newly built winery is a very effective ‘tool’ to achieve this, simple and essential. Biodynamic cultivation – still in its infancy when Helmuth Zozin entered the wine profession – is now held in high esteem. He has occupied himself with it for six years now and calmly explains his approach to the subject: “We make wines with character in which our soils and micro-climates are reflected. This is most successful when our work is based on biodynamic principles because they enable us to vitalise the soils and plants to the greatest extent”. // There is no standing still for Helmuth Zozin: “One can only go forwards or backwards. If you stop, you fall over.”