Count Michael Goëss-Enzenberg: my wine for you!

Castel Campan.

I am not trying to talk you into our most expensive wine! I am simply proud to be able to recommend a truly fine and great wine with such elegance that is so pleasing on the palate. Simply enjoy this wine, either relatively young or well matured.

When everything is just right, in really good years, then - and only then - is a wine of such exceptional quality as our Castel Campan possible.

The Merlot grapes from our best sites in and around Manincor must have a high degree of physiological ripeness, and firm and crisp skins and combine fully mature fruit aromas with velvety tannins. With careful handling by experienced hands and the right choice of oak barrels, the wine can then develop into our Castel Campan - or not. Only after 20 months is it time for the verdict: Which barrels have achieved perfection?