Before and after

Before & after.

ur range of red wines is complemented by the local variety Lagrein and rounded off by our very singular sweet wine 'Le petit Manincor'.

Lagrein. After a childhood and adolescence lasting several years, the vines in our first Lagrein sites are now mature enough to permit us to make a varietal wine in its own right. Lagrein is one of South Tyrol’s three native grape varieties together with Gewürztraminer and Vernatsch. Manincor has five Lagrein sites to draw from: Rubatsch at Siebeneich, Manincor-Langeben, Greiffenburg beside the Lake of Kaltern and the Panholzerhof site. The wine is cask-aged for 12 months. Our Lagrein is dark purple-violet in colour with impressive depth of fruit and elegance, reminiscent of black woodland berries and bilberry. On the palate it is concentrated with hints of graphite and assertive but velvety tannins. The wine is succulent and needs several years to fully unfold its elegance and complexity. Manincor Lagrein is delicious enjoyed with braised or quickly-fried meats, especially with game and venison dishes.

Le petit Manincor. A late harvest sweet wine perfectly in tune with our philosophy! Stylish and fresh, the delicate sweetness cut by elegant acidity – this wine is a complete novelty for our area. The grape variety Petit Manseng – a rarity here in South Tyrol – originates from the Jurancon area in the south-west of France. Our Le Petit is grown in the site of Mazzon, Kaltern at an altitude of 400 metres above sea level and the 2004 was not harvested until 20th December. The grapes were gently pressed and left to ferment with the yeasts naturally occurring in the vineyard. In colour it is pale bright luminescent yellow with green reflexes with an aroma and flavour reminiscent of exotic fruits, honey and ripe peach underpinned by lively, refreshing acidity. A wine with excellent ageing potential. This petite climax to a fine meal is especially delicious with cheeses and with delicate desserts.