Acqua Vinea Nobilis

When Cilly Plattner pruned the vines at Manincor,

which she did for forty years, she would often wipe a few drops of the cool vine sap over her face and let it get into her eyes.

“That is good for clarity,” she would say, meaning both eyes and expression. This effect is now almost forgotten; only the old folk still remember.

The nutritious sap that escapes from the cut surface of a pruned vine has many names. Poetically, it is known as “tears of the vine” (“lacryma vitis” in Latin). In their writings on naturopathy, the Roman author Pliny and the mediaeval scholar Hildegard von Bingen both discussed the efficacy of this valuable essence as a synthesis of the powers of the soil and the vine.

We at Manincor decided to reactivate this knowledge and, in collaboration with the TREHS company, a South Tyrolean manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we have developed a skin care product line. In the last few years we have harvested between 90 and 140 litres of vine tears and experimented with various formulae. Finally, in March 2011, we showed invited guests and the press the tears of the vine and the sap harvest and proudly presented our new skincare line: ACQUA VINEA NOBILIS.

The series comprises four products: a face cream, eye cream, skin tonic and cleansing milk. They offer a combination of effects: cleansing, disinfecting, soothing, moisturising. And the antioxidants help your skin retain its elasticity.

The products can be purchased from us on the estate and also via the TREHS shop and sales outlets. For more information, go to