400 and 56 years

400 and 56 years.

life at Manincor. Marking the 400th "birthday” of the Manincor estate.

“Once I came down from the hill, looked at the lake and thought, couldn’t I work in one of the hotels or restaurants down there? But I soon forgot the idea.” Caecilia Plattner didn’t want to miss a single day at Manincor. // Cilli (the diminutive of Caecilia) is a ‘piece’ of living history at the Manincor estate, which is celebrating its 400th ‘birthday’ this year. The Emperor bequeathed the Ehrenhausen manor beside the Lake of Kaltern on its builder, Hieronymus Manincor. He was raised to the aristocracy and the family coat-of-arms ‘Manincor’ means approximately ‘Hand on Heart’. // In 1952 Cilli’s father entered service as the feeder at Manincor and the family moved to Kaltern. Three years later she started what was to be 40 years’ work in the vineyard. // Her first week’s wage after six days’ work doing Fussschabigen – 500 Lire – was invested in sugar, genuine sugar. When her father died in 1963 she took over his job and tended 23 head of cattle, in addition to her work in the vineyards, caring for her mother and grandmother and carrying out plenty of other tasks for the “Schafferin” . In those days running water in the home and a washing machine were still years away. // To date nobody but Cilli has spent such a long time at Manincor. With the feeling that on this swathe of land one could always rely on the qualities which have never failed to provide subsistence. And it was precisely these qualities which were pivotal considerations in the decision to build the new winery – the most decisive change since the very first days of Manincor. // She toiled long and hard throughout her working life. Now her daily routine is less arduous: she cares for a flock of chicken, takes the dog for a walk, cultivates a flower and vegetable garden, rings the bell at 12 noon, just like her father did. She gets along well with everybody at Manincor, though her ‘Heart’ still belongs to her ‘colleagues’, the vineyard labourers. She is happy living here.

Fütterer: responsible for feeding the livestock
Fusschabigen: removing the young shoots below the first catch wire
Schafferin: estate manageress