Throughout its long history, Kalterersee has always stood out as a special wine.

In the 80s, a new era began in Caldaro’s wine business under the motto “less is more!”. // As an indigenous South Tyrolean variety of sublime importance for Caldaro, the Vernatsch variety is a specialty of our house. Located right at the banks of one of the most beautiful lakes in South Tyrol, we make a special effort to produce an excellent Kalterersee wine. To give the willful Vernatsch variety a platform, the wine is aged as a varietal, i.e. we do not blend it with other varieties. As a result, our Kalterersee Classico Superiore is a light, accessible wine that fully unfolds the sublime characteristics of the Vernatsch grape. // With its bitter almond and cherry aromas and its well-structured fullness on the palate, the wine is an excellent companion for numerous meals: for light Mediterranean cooking but also Tyrolean specialities, white meat or fish dishes. And to top it off: like no other, the slightly cooled Kalterersee wine is particularly suited for various occasions during the day, combining joy of life with sophisticated drinking pleasure.